part-time worker・part-time job recruiting guidelines


·We preferentially hire people who can have a minimum daily conversation in Japanese.
·Please note that Japanese conversation may be tested during the interview.
I will check with VISA before the interview.
Please note that there is a possibility that we may decline it.

Job content
■Hall staff
Seat guide, Review the order, Offer food etc.
Inexperience is OK. Please take this into consideration and serve the customers.“ I would be happy if you such a service like this
■Kitchen staff
Help with the presentation and cooking of café menus, mainly pancakes that our shop boasts.
【Recruiting regular staff】
We are going to open new store in the future. Now is your chance!!
Osaka Casle castle town
Hourly wage 800~1,000 yen
Other than those listed above, please use this site's inquiry form to specify your preferred working place.
■full-time employee
Osaka Casle castle town
Monthly salary 220,000 yen~
Other than those listed above, please use this site's inquiry form to specify your preferred working place.

I will tell you more about it during the interview.

place of work

Please select the place where you want to work when you apply.

Working hours

3months to long term

long-term welcome

※We will discuss working hours, starting dates, etc.

Experience and qualifications
■Patissier, varistor, etc.
Your experience so far will be fully utilized.
You can improve your skills even more.
■Of course, even if you haven't experienced it before!
"I like pancakes." "I like to be in touch with customers."
That kind of feeling is the most important thing.
■Students, freeters and housewives are welcome.
Why don't you try a popular shop that your family and friends know?
It's an easy place to work.
treatment and welfare

【There's a lot of coverage!A hot pancake cafe.】

There are about 60 stores in Japan and abroad!
Nowadays, it is featured in various media every day, including TV and popular fashion magazines.
Osaka and other Kinki areas, all of the other shops are highly talked about, and there are many plans to cover this in the future!
You may also be able to appear as a signage staff.

◆Lending of uniforms
A casual uniform that fits in a fancy cafe!
◆Partial payment of transportation expenses
Access-free and transportation-expenses make it easy to commute every day!
◆Training available
Pre-Open training will be held two weeks before the opening.
  • □There is an increase in salary at any time (consideration of experienc)
  • ■Employees (part-time and part-time)
  • □Works welcome (part-time and part-time)
  • ■shifting consultation
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